Library At Your Doorstep

Books & Nooks

Are you a book-lover who can't find the right books? Or do you have too many books and don't know what to do with them? Here's a solution to both problems. Can't Stop Reading, a non-profit social venture, is a library service run by deaf people that collects donated books and circulates them amongst book-lovers. This initiative not only employs deaf people, but also aims to reuse books that are donated by people. The library already has more than 5,000 books in store and is scheduled to pick up around 1,000 more books from different parts of Mumbai.

Donated books are sorted into categories and stacked in the library. Members can access the list of books online, select the books they would like to read and have them delivered to their doorstep. "Our library service enables book-lovers to conveniently access books across many categories that cater to professional and personal reading needs," says Sanjay Dimari, Project Director. Anyone is welcome to donate books to the library and all books are accepted - textbooks, fiction and nonfiction. The library also offers a free book pick-up service and ensures free delivery both to and from the doorstep.

India has one of the largest populations of deaf people in the world. This enterprise is a step towards creating employment opportunities for these deaf people and is run entirely by members of the deaf community. "This initiative will help people from the deaf community to interact with people from mainstream society and encourage them to be economically independent as they are mostly considered incapable, adds Sanjay.

This library service will not only be available online, but will also branch out into kiosks at airports and railway stations. It also plans to use technology that will help its deaf employees communicate with subscribers and ultimately spread the service across India.


To donate books or for more details, visit or write to