Moin and the Monster

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Every child has at least one nightmare related to a monster. Moin is no different. In fact, he is forced to draw a monster that comes alive and becomes his shadow for the rest of his life. What’s more, this monster sings— bad songs that too in a horrible voice! The monster is guarded by an insane set of rules, which keep him safe and constantly around Moin—he even goes to school with Moin and creates havoc there too! This strange monster loves bananas and long hair and can flatten and fold in order to hide in spaces as small as cracks in walls. What does Moin do to the monster? Read this funny book to know more.

Written by Anushka Ravishankar
Illustrated by Anitha Balachandran
Published by Duckbill Books
Recommended Age: 7+years
Price: Rs 195

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