Murder in Melucha

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‘Murder in Melucha’ is a sequel to ‘Magicians of Madh’. In Melucha, the children’s alphabet book teaches them letters in a strange way that goes something like this: A is for assassin, H is for hemlock…and so on. So it isn’t surprising when there is a murder in the city.

In Melucha lives Kalban, who was born with magical abilities that he got from his mother, and his younger brother, who gets his political mind from his father. Kalban goes to Madh to refine his skills as magic is not accepted in Melucha. Meenakshi is the daughter of the King of Madh. She is sent to Melucha to learn politics and negotiation. Meenakshi and Kalban meet in Melucha around the same time as the murder is committed and the duo set off on a mission to find the murderer. Read the book to find out if they succeed.

Written by Aditi Krishnakumar
Recommended Age: 13+ years
Published by Penguin India
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