Rajah: King of the Jungle

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In this book, author Balraj Khanna has depicted scenes from the Indian forest so vividly, that the colourful green images of the jungle and its beauty actually come alive as you make your way through the book. In 'Rajah: King of The Jungle', every creature in the jungle lives in harmony with the other creatures and this is what makes the jungle a peaceful abode to live in. Even enemies like the mighty tiger Rajah and the venomous king cobra Ananta live in harmony, but there is a problem, which lurks around the borders of the jungle. Cunning and greedy, the bipedal man is the problem.

He shoots animals for profits and he wants the tiger for his beautiful coat. But will man be able to reach Rajah or will animals like the little squirrel Lil Squi and jumbo elephant Hathi protect their king? The book is about the heroic attempts made by animals to save Rajah from the evils of humankind. And in the process, the animals weave an unforgettable world of charm and innocence that has been beautifully penned by Balraj Khanna. The book is complete with beautiful illustrations by Sean Victory, who has given every character in the story its own unique attributes. These illustrations make the book engrossing and visually engaging. Read on to learn about the jealous bison, the wooing peacocks, the wise old elephant, the smooth-tongued fox and the wise crocodiles.


Author: Balraj Khanna
Published by Mapin Publishing
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs 395