Satyajit Ray's Feluda Mysteries

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Puffin Books has adapted the popular Bengali detective Pradosh Chandra Mitter, better known as Feluda, into graphic novels with the look and feel of a Tintin comic! The stories created by Satyajit Ray have been scripted by children's author Subhadra Sen Gupta and illustrator Tapas Guha. It's interesting to note that when the strip was originally printed in newspapers in 2004, children used to cut them out and assemble their own comic books.

The first two titles released are 'Beware in the Graveyard' and 'A Bagful of Mysteries'. Feluda is a professional detective like Sherlock Homes with a super sharp brain. He solves crimes with help from his cousin Topshe, who resembles Watson with his analytical characteristics, and good friend Lalmohan Ganguli–a team that has captured many devious culprits and solved puzzling mysteries.

In ʻBeware in the Graveyardʼ, the mystery of tracking down a Perigal Repeater at the Park Street Cemetery and understanding the fascinating history of the Godwin family takes up centre stage. For those of you who have been to Kolkata, familiar names and spaces help visualise the story better. The comic holds your attention through the pages and is an awesome read.

In 'A Bagful of Mysteries' Dinanath Lahiri has a strange problem. His bag was swapped for an identical one on his trip from Delhi to Kolkata. What did Dinanathʼs bag really contain? Did he really lose an antique manuscript? And why is Dinanath being followed by a shadowy criminal?

Feluda's search takes them through the busy streets of Kolkata and New Delhi and into the final dangerous climax on the snowy slopes of the Simla hills.

Author: Satyajit Ray
Published by Puffin Classics
Recommended Age: 10+ years
Price: Rs 99