The Adventures of Mowgli

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The book narrates a story of a boy named Mowgli and his exploratory life in the jungle. The story begins with Mowgli the ʻman cubʼ who grows up with a wolf pack after being rescued by a wolf after the death of his parents. He grows among other wild animals and makes friends with Baloo-the Bear and Bagheera-the Black Panther. They teach him the laws of the jungle and train him to fight Shere Khan, a tiger who has sworn to kill any human being he meets.

Mowgli's daring life begins here as he comes across many problems and goes through hard times in the jungle.

It is an interesting story with unpredictable twists and turns. To know if he succeeds in these challenges, grab this classic book and read the exciting and captivating story that keeps you tied to the book till the end. It is a great book to read for children as it is written in simple language and also allows your imagination to run wild.

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Published by Puffin Classics
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs 199