The Storyteller: Tales from the Arabian Nights

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This new collection of tales tells the story of Schariar, the king of Persia. He lost his faith in his first wife and decided to marry a woman every night only to chop off her head every morning. Scherazade was a clever girl and a great storyteller. She married the king to teach him a lesson and to save hundreds of women from death. She began telling him stories of fisherman and the djinn, of the king and the physician Douban, of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, of the diamond anklet, of the blind man's tale and of Aladdin. The king postpones her killing every night as he wants to hear all her stories and in this way the first night turns into the 1,001st. But what happens when Scherazade runs out of stories? Read this breathtaking book to find out how Scherazade changes the king's mind by using her brains.

Author: Anushka Ravishankar
Published by Puffin Books
Recommended Age: 10+ years
Price: Rs 199