The Yellow Bird

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Jhogru, a man from Dumka, works at Rumu and her brother Bogey’s house as a servant. But he is also their dear friend and consoler. Rumu and Bogey were very sad and upset after their adorable pet Bhulo ran away from the house. But Jhogru came to their rescue and consoled them with his timeless tales of Dumka. The wonderful stories about the weird, white-winged horse, the snake’s huge gem, the sheep, the long-bearded old man and the peacock girl who disappears and returns after 40 years leaves the siblings mesmerised and also makes them forget about their pet for some time.

Over time, the siblings plant an unusual tree called the guna-moni tree. This tree has butterfly-shaped flowers and flowers only when it is planted on a magical ash heap.

This book will take you on a journey through the magical land of Dumka, its dense forests, its wild animal, its people who sleep with one eye open and a lot more. The book is full of adventure and entertainment and will leave you enchanted.


Author: Written by Lila Majumdar and translated by Kamala Chatterjee
Published by Puffin Books
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs 125