Water Stories from Around the World

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As the title suggests, this book is all about water and has stories on who owns water, how a well is born in a dry village, water dragons, cloud swallowers, the river goddess, the sun, the moon, water monsters and more. This book is a collection of stories from different parts of the world. The stories are short and interesting and are visually fascinating. The stories also throw light on the issue of water scarcity and deliver important messages on different values. The bright yellow book takes you on a water tour right from the beginning with both sad and cheerful stories. It puts forward questions that might force you to think and act. The book comes with a water timeline that will teach you about the existence of water and other stories related to it. The book also has unknown water facts. For example, did you know that there are two existing creatures that do not drink water at all? To learn more such facts, read the book.


Author: Radhika Menon and Sandhya Rao
Published by Tulika Publishers
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: Rs 385

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