Become a Fitness Trainer


As the stress levels in cities rise, more and more people look at working out in gyms to "chill out". This not only helps them get physically fit, but also helps the body function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities and keeps lifestyle diseases at bay.

Working in the sphere of physical fitness has thus become a great career option. Many universities offer courses in healthcare and fitness, but some fitness companies like K11 also offer their own unique programmes.

From working as a personal trainer and offering information and education on sports nutrition to learning about basic massage therapy, courses can be designed to teach individuals what they need to know. The basis of all courses is to teach trainers how to bring about the ideal body composition. This can be done by helping clients retain and build lean tissue and maximise performance in competitive sports as well as day-to-day functionality.

As a trainer you can also learn about yoga and newer theories and exercises in fitness management.

This is a great career option for those who want to pursue it as a full-time job option and for those who want to freelance.