Big Dreams Of Young Kids


No sooner have children stepped into secondary school than they start to plan their future. In these busy years, children tend to pursue only those extra curricular activities that add up to a bright future. Pooja Patel talks to a few children to find out more about their interests and goals


It's the first week of June and it's time to go back to school. The anticipation and excitement is tremendous. It's always fun to meet school friends after a long break, exchange gifts and tell your buddies all about your summer holidays.

The beginning of a new academic year also brings with it new subjects to study. Each school day comes with an opportunity to learn something new and build a stronger foundation for the future. Class work, extra curricular activities, hobby-related classes and special sessions help you realise your abilities and interests. This brings about clarity of thought and helps you zero in on possible career options.

Having understood the importance of career awareness, several schools have started to provide special sessions on sports and cultural activities. Theatre and art classes in professional studios, music and dance classes with the masters, taekwondo, football and rugby session and many more activities under the broad umbrella of edutainment have made their way into school syllabi. This wide range of activities not only helps you increase your range of interests, but also helps you select a career of your choice.

12-year-old Atharve Kotasthane says, "Initially, I had no idea about what I would pursue as a career but after my school introduced the model United Nations programme, I now want to work towards an education that makes me eligible to be a foreign diplomat in the future."

Schools have certainly gone that extra mile to encourage children to explore innovative career options. Paarshav Shah from Ecole Mondiale World School says, "I always had a keen interest in planets, space and spaceships. I want to study to be an astronaut and work with NASA. My school teaches aeromodelling, which helps me learn the basics of flying. Hopefully this knowledge will come in handy in the future."

But children today need more than just school sessions. Parental support is equally important. Prachi Badve, mother of Pooja Badve says, "It's my opinion that parents should minutely observe their children's activities in school and keep track of what they are interested in. The various school activities might ignite an innovative spark in your child but if you don't see it, you will not be able to guide your child. My daughter Pooja is a student of Abhinav Vidyalaya, Pune and wants to be a fashion designer. She has designed several dresses and her efforts are well appreciated by her school. But it's my duty to ensure that she gains maximum benefit out of her skills."

However, if you are confused and are not able to decide on a career, psychologist H'vovi Bhagwagar has some suggestions. She says, "Don't get carried away with popular careers. If you are confused, go for career guidance. It will give you clarity about your personality, creativity, intelligence and interests."

The increasing importance of off-beat careers has brought about a change in subjects offered at the higher secondary level too. Vocational subjects like Information Technology, textile laundry, civil engineering, travel and tourism, fisheries and horticulture are now part of the curriculum.

With all these options for you to choose from, get ready to explore new boundaries!