Career as a Sports Commentator


Sports commentary is all about giving the audience an overall perspective about the game you are covering


This career requires basic skills like being punctual, knowing your subject well, being a good listener, communicating clearly to the audience and displaying your passion. It is an exciting and unusual career to be a part of. It gives you a chance to interact with sportsmen and is a good creative outlet. You may face difficulties with time management as the working hours are not fixed. Also, factors such as the weather could affect your work schedule, which is a disadvantage of this career.

All you require is passion and dedication. If you are passionate about it, educational qualifications become less significant. It takes a lot of mental strength to dedicate yourself to one profession but if you love sport and have a flair for oratory, then you may be looking at the right career and should think about becoming a sports commentator.

The pay scale is also very attractive as one begins as a reporter at a salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. It gradually increases with your work experience. No formal institute offers a course, however learning to modulate your voice could help improve your voice delivery. Also, a degree in journalism can be beneficial.



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