Careers in Art


Purnima Sampat is an art educator and artist. She has worked at J B Petit High School for 23 years. She is also an educational consultant for the Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum and a curriculum consultant for other institutions. She presently holds art education seminars in USA and India.

(As spoken to Shreyashi DasGupta)

How do you become an artist?
Every child is an artist. Art is an expression in a visual form. However, if you are looking at a career as an artist, then there are a number of colleges that offer courses in fine art. A four or five year course in any of these institutions would put you onto the path of becoming an artist. 

What are the different fields in art?
One can work towards a career in commercial art, fashion design, interior decoration, product design and set design. 

What is an art collection?
An art collection would be a collection of works of art by one or many artists. The person collecting the art would be called an art collector. You could become a collector if you start buying artworks. The key is to collect artworks that appeal to you.

Who can be an art critic?
An art critic is a person who has ideally studied art theory, which includes subjects such as art history, art criticism and aesthetics.  He or she should also be well exposed to the world of art and have sufficient knowledge about the formal aspects of art like line, colour, balance and harmony.

What does the job of an art critic entail?
The job of an art critic would entail critically assessing a work of art by analysing and interpreting it. The person would need to read a lot of art books and magazines and expose themselves to a great deal of information and knowledge before attempting to take up this profession.

What other jobs are available in the field of art?
You can work with newspapers or television reporting on art events. You could write catalogues for galleries and individual artists. You could also take up a job as a lecturer at an art institute.

What are the pay scales?
That depends entirely on a person’s calibre and experience.

What is the eligibility to enter this profession?
A degree in art history from a reputed institution.


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