Designing Jewellery


If you love  gems and crystals and have a flair for fashion, jewellery designing might be the right career for you! Here's all that you need to know about a career in jewellery designing!

What does a jewellery designer do?  
A jewellery designer creates patterns, styles and themes for a jewellery line or collection. They decide which metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and stones (precious or semi-precious) to use in the creation. An important feature of designing is also to present your design in an eye-catching manner. Jewellery designers are artists who spend their days defi ning style with their unique, interesting and stunning pieces.

 What is your future as a jewellery designer?  
In this creative career you can find work as part of a busy design studio, although many jewellery designers choose the freedom, independence and flexibility of running their own business. Over time you can also become a stylist, work in jewellery designing export and fashion houses or freelance as a designer.

 What courses do you need to take?  
You can take up a diploma course in jewellery designing. The course gives you basic information on the different kinds of stones, and colour schemes in jewellery, design themes, presentation, framing and jewellery costing. These courses also look into the comparison of materials from beads to precious metals, and include a step-by-step explanation of the design process using CAD and the making of samples or prototypes. Smaller elements of designing like filing, soldering, saw piercing, wirework and even how to establish your own firm are also covered.