Careers in Graphology


by Mohan Bose, Director, Kolkata Institute of Graphology

 What is graphology?

Graphology is the science of analysing handwriting. It studies the human mind through the pattern of an individual's writing.

 Who is a graphologist?

A person who has studied the science of handwriting extensively and can interpret a person's personality and mental make-up through his or her handwriting is termed as a graphologist.

 What skills do you require in this profession?

You need to be an extrovert. You should be interested in psychology and understand people's state of mind.

 What is the scope of graphology? 

Graphologists can be employed in the following areas:

- Recruitment industries where screening processes are used to select employees.

- As counsellors who need to understand the emotional problems of clients.

- In forensic departments as specialists who analyse signatures and handwriting to detect forgery.

- As marriage counsellors who help in finding compatible lifepartners.

The scope of graphology is vast. It's a popular branch of studies abroad.

 What are the pay scales in this profession?

You can start off earning Rs 5,000 at an initial stage which can then go up to Rs 40,000 per month.  

 What subjects do you need to be good at in school? 

Science and English

 What important facts does one have to keep in mind?

- Be optimistic. Have a positive attitude while dealing with your clients.

- Never blame a person while judging him or her.

- Always judge a person after reading the handwriting sample thoroughly.

- Never reveal the privacy of your clients.

- Don't be overconfident about your judgement of the individual.

 A Quick Guide to Handwriting Analysis

Points that are considered during writing analyses

- Pressure applied when writing indicates emotional and physical energy.

- Slant of writing indicates what the writer does with this emotional and physical energy.

- Baseline indicates emotional control and emotional reliability.

- Size of writing indicates the ability to concentrate.

 Where are courses in graphology offered?

- Kolkata Institute of Graphology (KIG) 182A, Near Triangular Park Bus Stop,  Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata 700029. Tel: 033-24657266

- Institute of Graphology and Personal Success 505, West Wing, Aurora Towers, M.G. Road, Pune - 411001.
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-, C/o. Mr. Satyen Srivastava, 164, Engineers Estate 21, I. P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092