Being a Radio Jockey


by Archana Pania, Radio Jockey with Radio City

If you are over 18, with a strong command over a language, have a pleasant voice and love music, being a Radio Jockey (RJ) is a new career option open to you. The radio has become everyone's companion and the job of an RJ is exciting. If you love music, can talk through the day and can handle the fame, this is the job for you!


What does the job entail?
Everything from talking on your radio show to taking interviews, visiting sites in the city, hosting shows to promote brands, editing your links on state of the art editing software and chatting with just about everyone from kids to CEOs.


What skill sets must you have?
You must know a great deal about popular music and have a lovely voice that can command attention. You need to be up-to-date with all that's happening in the city you live in and be able to share or communicate the same with your listeners. Th e job is glamorous and fun but also requires a lot of hard work.

A lot of attention goes into the learning process and then just like driving, one cannot forget the art. Your enthusiasm for life is one of the BIGGEST ASSETS!


Can anyone be an RJ?
Well yes, if the programming director of the station thinks you will be able to attract people to listen to the station, you can be on air.


What are the benefits of the job?
You get to talk to famous people like Sachin Tendkulkar, APJ Abdul Kalam and also common people from the city. You can showcase your personality to the hilt on a radio station and you can comment on everything from social causes to entertainment.


What courses does one need to take for the job?
Any training in the art of effective communication with dollops of entertainment is what makes you a good radio personality. Actual radio courses are available in plenty now. But I truly believe that a true artist cannot be trained.

Every artist is in many ways self-trained. It's when you polish and make your art shine in your unique way that you stand out.


What subjects should one be good at in school?
- English

- Grammar

- Comprehension

- General knowledge.