Radio Script Writer


by Mayyur VC

Come up with new ideas, express your unique thoughts and constantly work with your team that's radio script writing in a nutshell!


Who is a radio scriptwriter?
A radio scriptwriter is a person who works in the field of creative writing. He needs to create radio advertisements and write scripts that will make an event popular. It could also involve writing scripts for the radio jockies and creating interesting questions for celebrity interviews.


What are the benefits of the job?
Writing is fun. Work-ing in a radio station gets you invites to concerts and parties too. You could also develop into a good voice-over artist if you have the necessary skills.


What are the pay scales?
Freshers can expect anything between 9,000 and 13,000 but it gets better with time and experience. Creative heads with good work experience and a rocking audio portfolio can expect anything between 50,000 to 80,000 per month.


What subjects do you need to be good at?
English, grammar and general knowledge. Reading should be an obsession.


What skills do you require for this job?
Radio is personal - you're talking to one person at a time. That's why your writing has to sound like it is "spoken" not read. Apart from a command over the language, it's also important to be creative and have great observation skills. RAdio scriptwriting demands good communication skills and getting along with people. One needs to sit, communicate and brainstorm with their team to come up with good ideas. Knowledge of local languages helps as radio is a medium that reaches out to the common man.


A few warnings
- Don't expect set office hours. Your day could start really early and end really, really late.

- A writer may or may not get a chance to  be on air on radio. It may prove to be a really long wait.

- Good ideas take time ‒ nothing comes easy.

- You will need a lot of patience and ability to handle people from all walks of life.


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