How to Become a Travel Agent


by Arti Mantri


Aren't you intrigued by the way your travel agent can book tickets for you all across the world? Would you like that job? Let me give you a low down on how to become a travel agent.

A travel consultant (agent) is a person who provides information and advice on booking and services for people who wish to travel. The information one would have to provide for would include flight fares, booking details and assistance with all relevant documentation.

You need a good knowledge of geography to suggest options in the country and internationally too. The Internet has become the sole means of working and you will need to be computer savvy!

The job may require you to visit clients and give presentations of the products that your agency offers. You would also need basic accounting knowledge to be able to make accounts and receipts and collect payments.

As a travel consultant you will often meet and interact with clients and  for this requirement you must  have good listening and speaking skills. A good command over the English language is essential.

Today's traveller is well read and knows exactly what he or she wants. As a  consultant you will be expected to know a lot more than the client, which means you will need to read a lot and be systematic and logical.

Benefits of the job:
If you are working with a big travel agency then you get to travel to different places where your ticket and hotel costs are complimentary. If you are working for an airline you get your quota of free tickets too.

Courses for the job:
International Air transport association (IATA) course: With this course you can find a job with IATA agents, sub agents, airlines, hotels or computerised reservation systems.

Pay scales:
You have to start as a trainee. You can expect to start anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 8,000. Thereafter it's up to you and the organization you work with to increase your pay scale.