10 Ways to Help Kids Find Happiness Within

Easy Parenting

The most beautiful part about being around children–either as a parent, teacher, care-giver or friend–is the gift of learning, discovering and growing with them. As adults, we are constantly seeking happiness and peace.

Vera Mascarenhas Malkhani lists 10 ways to find happiness within and also encourage our children to develop an internal and eternal source of happiness.

1. Self-love
This is the most important life lesson of all. When we truly love and accept ourselves, we are better equipped to love and accept everyone and everything in our lives.

2. Gratefulness
There is always so much to be grateful for and verbalising it or writing it out each day can help us feel blessed and content.

3. Problem-solving
When we learn how to think for ourselves and take responsibility for our actions, we are on our way to learning how to solve problems. Every problem has a solution and teaches us something. 

4. Learning Is a Lifelong Adventure
There is always something to learn and the best part of having kids as part of our lives is that we get to learn from them and with them.

5. Waste Not Want Not
Using only as much as we need instils in us self-restraint, generosity and a lifetime of smart habits.

6. Acceptance
There is comfort in knowing that each of us has our flaws and we are all work in progress. The best that we can do is accept each person and situation in our life and work with the good.

7. Unconditional Love
The most effective way to teach is to lead by example. When we love ourselves and our children unconditionally, we are nurturing in each other the best gift of all.

8. Honesty
The best way to elicit honesty is to be open and accepting. Be firm on honesty and gentle with each other.

9. Reach Out to Others
When we give and share our time or our things and when we reach out with love and compassion, we gain as much. One of the keys to happiness comes from experiencing the joy of making a contribution.

10. Positivity
If you believe it, you can do it. Think like a proton and stay positive! Each of these life skills is simple, inter-related and will go a long way in building emotionally strong, kind and confident little people.

Vera Mascarenhas Malkani is a full-time mom, practising counsellor, apostle of good parenting and at her happiest when she is helping people discover themselves.