Mindsets for Success by Lina Ashar

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Growing up, we all have dreams that we want to see fulfilled. From being astronauts that will conquer space to scientists that will create the next big invention; dreams are what give us the strength to work hard for success. But why is it that many of us give up on our dreams?

An important factor that decides whether we will accomplish our dreams is our mindset. It determines whether we will give up because of failure or continue trying despite it.

Does failing a single test tell you that you are bad at a subject? Or does it tell you that you can do better if you keep trying?

Our mindsets are born out of our interactions and experiences with the people and the world around us. The things they tell us about ourselves translate into the thoughts that define us and the ideals that we believe. But by changing our mindsets, we can change how we define ourselves and alter our chances for success.

These mindsets will help you to get closer to achieving your dreams:

These are two of the many mindsets, such as resilience, persistence and gratitude, that you should seek to explore. These mindsets are more likely to get you closer to your dreams than your grades.

Lina Ashar is an educationist and entrepreneur who founded Kangaroo Kids Preschool and Billabong High International School. She is also the co-founder of Korroboree. Currently, she is directing her efforts towards parenting strategies that have a firm base in neuroscience and emotional intelligence.