Taking Care of Your Vision During Online Schooling

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The new normal has presented a lot of new things for children to adapt to, like online education. Children are waking up to the reality of spending hours in front of screens that give out blue light. Experts from R. Kumar tell you how the blue light is affecting children.

Blue light is believed to reduce the production of sleep-inducing hormones. So, when the eyes sense blue light in the surroundings, they send a signal to the centre in the brain which produces the chemicals that make us sleepy that it is still not time to sleep. Basically, the presence of blue light delays the onset of sleep.

How This Is Affecting Kids

Blue Light and Humankind

As cave people, our primary source of light was the sun. After sunset comes the waning light and so the amount of blue in the visible light zone begins to decrease. As the blue light from the surroundings decreases, the centre in the brain that is responsible for producing ‘sleepy’ chemicals kicks into gear, and we start feeling sleepy.

As humans invented artificial sources of light powered by fire and then electricity, the number of hours under light increased. Consequently, our exposure to blue light also increased. So, our ‘sleepy’ chemicals started to kick in later in the evening than they should. The longer we see blue light, the more our sleep is delayed.

How to Protect Yourself from Blue Light
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