Egyptian Civilization

Ruhan Madaan, Class 5, The Heritage School, Delhi

5000 years ago, Pharaohs were the monarchs and no less than the gods,
Egyptians believed in Tutankhamun and many other lords.
Nile, the foundation of the GREAT EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION,
What a colossal river it was! it is! Blessed sundry until satiation.
Pyramids of Giza, the largest masonry structures of antiquity,
With hidden mysteries and tombs for eternal tranquillity.
The dead bodies transformed into mummies,
Wrapped in strands of linen, looked like dummies.
Hieroglyphs on Rosetta stone or papyrus paper,
Ingenious myriad inventions including solar calendar.
Egyptian civilization left remarkable and influential history,
For many generations, it indeed would remain a legendary.


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