10 Easy-to-Implement Green Ideas


1. Ask your parents for green school supplies.
Going back to school and going green can go hand in hand! Borrow textbooks used by friends, bind old books, reuse paper and don't buy new things. By going green while going back to school, you can become a role model for other students and even teachers.

2. Turn off the water while showering and brushing your teeth.
Most people let the water run while soaping up or brushing. This wastes a lot of water. Instead, run the water to get your body or toothbrush wet and then wash or brush with the water off. This saves both water and time because you end up focusing on getting clean and getting out of there!

3. Turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use. 
Children who aren't environmentally conscious don't usually think about turning off lights and appliances. Children who reduce, reuse and recycle know that energy should not be wasted. When you are not using lights or appliances like the TV, computer or video game, turn them off.

4. Start an organic garden at your school and create compost for it.
It's a large undertaking, but if you can get your science teacher to work with you, it's very likely that your principal will allow you to start an organic garden of some kind and as well as a compost heap to fertilise it.

5. If your parents recycle, help them sort the waste. 
If your parents recycle, ask them if you can help them sort the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items. Sometimes parents don't realise how much you care. Going green is a lifestyle, so get in on the day-to-day activities by doing your part.

6. Walk, carpool or take the bus to school. 
Less fuel burned means less carbon emissions and less smog. Most cars use petrol or diesel and you can start using as little of these as possible by travelling to school with your school friends or family. If fewer people use individual cars, less fuel is consumed and if you decide to walk or cycle to school, then you are not only saving fuel, but also exercising.

7. Volunteer with community organisations that plant trees.
Trees help us enjoy cleaner air and more beautiful landscapes. Find organisations that plant trees where you live and then volunteer to help.

8. Ensure that your washing machine is used only for a full load.
Most people don't realise it, but washing machines use a lot more water to wash clothes than the traditional method of washing does. Conserve water, use eco-friendly washing detergent and only run the washing machine when it is completely full.

9. Reduce waste by curbing the use of disposables. 
It's easy to use throwaway cups, plates, wrappers and utensils, but it only creates more waste for landfills. Disposable paper products like facial and bathroom tissue and paper towels and napkins also end up in the trash. You can save trees by using less paper products--when you have to use them, use less and when you don't have to use them, donít!

10. Ease up on the television and video games.
Playing video games on both computers and television uses a lot of energy! That's why your computer or television feels hot afterwards! You can save energy by simply doing homework or going outside to play instead of plopping down in front of the TV or computer screen.