Add Green to Your School


In spite of your school schedule being chock-a-block with subjects like mathematics and geography, there is still plenty of room to incorporate lessons on the environment, sustainability and green living. Whether you're a motivated student or a forward-thinking teacher, you can add the following green projects to the subjects you learn or teach everyday.


Science: Organise a science fair that encourages children to research alternative sources of power and bio-diesel fuel. Children can also run an energy audit in their homes to find ways to trim energy usage and costs.

English: Write a letter to your local ward officer or building society chairman to get garbage bins installed.

Mathematics: Environmental studies are full of numbers, but do children know what they really mean? Learn how to measure electricity to understand just how much power your television consumes and try and figure out how species are getting endangered because of the resources you waste.

History: Human lifestyle has changed a lot over time and many of these changes have been brought about by changes in climate and terrain. Trace the evolution of new cities or how the Industrial Revolution has affected pollution levels.