Cellphone Apps Go Green


Cellphones have revolutionised the way we lead our lives. They have become more than just a mere instrument that lets you make calls. Cellphones are now multi-purpose devices with GPS systems, barcode scanners, yellow page directories and even green applications! Take a look at these green applications, which can be downloaded on smartphones and can help you lead a more eco-friendly life.

This mobile app helps identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. The app also has beautiful high resolution images of the petiole, flowers, fruits, seeds and bark of various trees. It turns users into citizen scientists as the owners of the app can automatically learn about the species and share images with their friends and family. The Leafsnap family of apps aims at building awareness and appreciation of biodiversity.

The Ecorio app utilises the GPS system on a phone to help track your carbon footprint as you travel and tell you about the impact you leave on the environment. The app also gives you ideas on how to reduce your carbon footing by using greener options or by purchasing carbon offsets through Google Checkout.

This app lets users find safe and responsible paper products. The app recommends the greenest toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and paper napkins.

This app tracks your vehicle's fuel and power efficiency and evaluates your driving method to maximise fuel efficiency. Adjusting driving habits often helps cut cost, fuel consumption and carbon footprint. The coolest part of GreenMeter is that a user can be very specific about driving conditions and feed the app with information about a specific vehicle make and model, weather conditions and fuel type to get accurate information on driving habits.

This app helps you stay connected to a social network of people who want to carpool. It allows you to network with people who are travelling in your direction and drive with them. You can either share a ride with them or open up your vehicle to share a ride, thus saving fuel and cutting down on pollution as well.

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