Container Gardens!


Container gardening simply means growing plants in containers instead of growing them in the ground. It is a simple way of adding greenery around your house and a perfect holiday activity!

The containers you use can be of any size but it makes more sense to use large containers if you have a balcony. Otherwise, placing smaller containers in and around the house will do the trick too. The basic concept of container gardening is to grow plants in anything that can contain them, from buckets to plastic jars and boxes too. One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when selecting a container is drainage. Make sure you have created a hole at the bottom of the container to let water drain out as excess water can harm your plant. Depending on the plant or seeds you plan to sow, use a container that can hold enough mud. When you choose your container, remember that bigger containers require less watering and containers with dark colours absorb more heat, which help plants grow. Dark coloured containers are thus best used if you plan to keep your container in the kitchen. Apart from herbs, various types of plants, vegetables, flowers and ferns can also be grown in containers. If you are using a rectangular container you can plant more than one type of plant in the same container. Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lemons, coriander, mint leaves, curry leaves and spinach are a few vegetables and herbs that grow well in containers during the summer. Flowers like roses and jasmines bloom beautifully in the summer.


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