Creative House Gardening


If you live in a flat and don't think you can make a small farm at home, you may be in for a surprise.The truth is that you can  cultivate something called a city farm. RobinAge shows you how 

The Location: Your rooftop, balcony, windowsill, back yard or any free space which receives at least six hours of direct sun light.

The Container: Any plastic container of your desired size, though earthen or cement pots work the best. You can also use wooden crates after lining them well with thick plastic.

What Goes Into the Container: Fill the bottom half with biomass such as vegetable waste, sugarcane residue you could get from a juice vendor, rice hull, coconut fibre or peanut husk. Then top it with some compost and fill the remaining container with garden soil.

Plant the Seed: You can grow a number of vegetables at home. Select the seeds of your choice. Before planting the seeds, soak the prepared container with water and let the water dry for a day. Plant the seed 1/2 to 3/4 inch below the soil level. You can buy seeds from a nursery or use dhania (coriander) or mustard seeds from your kitchen.

Care for Your Farm: Provide it with sufficient water, sunlight, manure and protect it with chemical free pesticides. Enjoy being a city farmer.