Know More: Green India Project


Students of R N Podar School, Santacruz have initiated the Green India Project to reduce the carbon emissions in their school. The team consists of core members Noopur Sen, Alisha Bijliwala, Aanchal Shah, Supratik Subramanium, Tarini Khanna and Dhruv Parashar and around 70 other members from different classes.

Noopur Sen, core member of the Green India Project says, "The move was inspired by a national competition organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) which took place this September. We had to come up with measures to reduce carbon emissions in our school premises.

With the help of the committee, research work and our brainstorming sessions we came up with ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle resources."



- Senior school students were encouraged to walk down to the Podar School grounds instead of taking a bus.

- Air-conditioned classrooms were advised to switch off their ACs in the morning and at times when they are not required.

- Students prepared a carbon credit model which allocated carbon consumption points to every class. The class which crossed that limit in one month would have to borrow credit points from the next class to use their resources. The system works on the principle of reward and punishment and is a method that helped to explain the effects of depleting resources.

- A separate team was allocated to collect books and notebooks from every class at the end of the academic year. Old textbooks were used by the next batch, instead of wasting paper. Pages from old notebooks were bound together and given to students to encourage recycling. These measures drastically changed the carbon emissions in the school as well as the attitude of many students towards saving the environment. The group also presented a seminar on household consumptions. Noopur says, "We have plans of installing eco-friendly infrastructure in our school to take this project further in the future."



- While downloading material from the Internet, don't keep your computer on standby. Switch off your monitor instead.

- If your computer is not in use, switch off the main switch completely.

- Don't switch off your TV from the remote. Instead, take the effort to put it off from the main switch.

- Try and reduce your AC usage and keep the temperature at a comfortable 240 Celsius.

- Instead of Google, try as your homepage. The black background in this search engine helps save electricity.