Know More: Vertical Gardening


If the lack of space is keeping you from planting greens, try your hand at vertical gardening!


The world around us has gradually transformed from a wonderful green paradise into an urban jungle. With less space and more people, gardening is not a feasible option for city dwellers. But with changing lifestyles, gardening has been re-defined by enthusiastic nature lovers to suit the lives of big city people living in small apartment homes.

There was a time when going green while living in a compact apartment meant planting saplings in one's balcony, keeping bottled creepers in one's living room and sometimes adopting terrace gardening. This was followed by another innovative concept called kitchen gardening where vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers were grown in household kitchens.

However, Dr Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, has given a new dimension to gardening by creating the concept of vertical gardening. In vertical gardening, a green wall is created. To do this, a freestanding wall or a wall that is part of a building is partially or completely covered with vegetation. These green walls are also referred to as living walls, biowalls or sky farms. Vertical gardening can be done on any type of wall and requires no soil. The two W's--water and wall--are the only requirement to set up a vertical garden.

Sky farms can add life to dull walls and give them a whole new look. These vertical gardens are not only spectacular to look at, but also help keep air pollution under control, reduce noise and lend a calm air to living conditions. So whether you intend to do your bit for nature, wish to have a quaint and pure indoors, love plants or want to give a magnificent look to an old building wall, vertical gardening is the right option!