Leopard: In Crisis...On the Verge of Extinction!


sent by Jayaditya S Parihar, Class 10, Step by Step High School, Jaipur


We take great pride in the flora and fauna of our country. Let us look at the story of a member of the cat family - the leopard. A leopard or panther (Panthera pardus) is one of the most intelligent members of the cat family.

Leopards can survive in a wide range of habitats, but are generally found in forests, scrub, open and rocky terrain. They hunt by seizing their prey from the ground level or by jumping on it from a height. The leopard is an expert tree climber and often hides its kill on trees. Like tigers, leopards live alone.They have therefore learnt to be skillful and swift. They avoid confrontation with tigers.

People from all over the world visit national parks with a hope to see tigers, but according to me they are luckier to see a panther because the latter is getting extinct. This is due to wide scale poaching, habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. Though the price of panther skin is less than that of tiger skin, poachers are able to make huge profits on panther skin. Government officials are also not paying attention to the decreasing leopard population and have started programmes on tiger conservation.

We, in our daily life read, listen and watch people in villages killing panthers. But there is no action taken and nor do news reporters create awareness about the decreasing number of panthers. It is not only the duty of government officials, but also of the people living all around the world. We should protect these animals from all threats or otherwise these animals will soon get extinct.

It is my request to all the people to join hands to conserve wild animals and promise to leave a lighter carbon footprint so that ecological balance is sustained.