Make Your Diwali Green


by Sakshi Singh

Make this Diwali completely eco-friendly in every way. You can start by buying things that are recyclable rather than made for one-time use



Want to light up your home? Don't go with electrical lights. Use earthen lamps or diyas instead. Or you could buy a solar lamp to light up your home naturally. The traditional ways of lighting up the house will also enhance the beauty of your home.

Choose eco-friendly crackers over traditional chemical crackers. The former are made with recycled paper and have a sound limit as per the regulations of the pollution control board. Ecofriendly crackers produce different coloured lights and paper strips instead of sound. Ensure that you burst the crackers in an open place rather than in a crowded area.



You can use your Diwali vacation time to do something fun and creative! Prepare Diwali gift kits for friends or relatives. You could also paint and decorate diyas, greeting cards and decorative candles and a lot more. Let the creative juices flow!

While cleaning your home, don't throw away things that you don't need. Keep them aside to share with the poor and underprivileged. Share your old clothes, toys, books or any unused items with kids at an orphanage or kids on the street. Make this an annual ritual from here onwards. Giving is always better than receiving.



You don't always need to do what everyone else does. This year take it upon yourself to ensure that the city doesn't get as dirty and noisy as it does every year. Spread the message of an eco-friendly Diwali.

Let's all come together, be thankful and grateful for all that we are blessed with and celebrate the festival in a way that is healthy, happy and promotes the spirit of an eco-friendly world.

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