Is Solar Energy the New-Age Mantra?


Is solar energy the new-age mantra? Pooja Patel investigates

Gizmos and gadgets have become a necessity in our life. And as most of these gadgets run on electricity, it has become important for us to be able to zero down on alternate sources of energy that will help meet our requirements. A survey conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) proved that appliances are responsible for a loss of 20 to 50 million metric tonnes of electric energy per year. To reduce this wastage, scientists have now started research on what is believed to be the best source of inexhaustible energy - solar energy. From pressure cookers to keyboards, almost every appliance now available runs on solar energy. Here are a few gadgets and gizmos you can choose from:

The solar powered tent has its own solar panel and integrated interior light-emitting-diode (LED). The solar panels charge batteries independently and four to six hours of charging under direct light can produce two to four hours of tent light.

This is a new and powerful home and office equipment, which generates power with the help of solar energy through three in-built standard sockets. The top solar panel receives solar energy during the day and the rechargeable solar batteries keep the appliances working throughout the night.

These sunglasses have the ability to trap solar energy and then convert it into electrical energy. This can then charge small handheld devices through the power jack at the back of the frame. These solar glasses can also charge iPods.

Jo Hynek, a doctoral student, has designed this amazing gadget called the Power Purse. It is a fashion-friendly gadget, which is covered with solar panels and is stylish at the same time. It is designed to charge all  mobile accessories such as cellphones and mp3 players.