Why We Need to Save Nature


sent by Mahak Padliya, Class 9


The environment is one of the most beautiful things on Earth. The environment has given human beings everything we need, from shelter to food. Even when a human being hits a tree with a stone, the tree gives the human a fruit in return. Nature has given us more than we have asked for. So don't you think it is our duty to take care of this epitome of sacrifice?

We celebrate World Environment Day on June 5. It is a day of talks, slogans and messages to save mother Earth. Unfortunately, the river runs dry on the very next day. It is ironic that man, the most highly developed of all species, should make such fatal mistakes in the name of future - a future with bigger dams, better factories and infinite expanses of concrete jungle. Why? So as to improve his standard of living! But does man not realise that he could not have initiated the destruction of himself more effectively?

Because of the endless greed to live luxuriously, we human beings have given rise to environmental pollution and global warming. Humans have harmed the natural environment in many ways. Animals and plants that constitute an ecosystem are affected by pollution. The air is polluted by fuel and gases like sulphur, which have caused the depletion of the ozone layer. This layer is very important to us as it blocks close to 95% of the ultra-violet rays of the sun. The depletion of this layer causes skin diseases like skin cancer.

Then there's water pollution caused by oil spills, submerging idols and throwing garbage in water bodies. If the rate of pollution continues, the day is not far when we will have nothing to see but our own destruction and then it will be too late to cry over our mistakes.

A few days ago, my cousins from overseas had come to visit us and were excited to see Mumbai. We decided to go to the Elephanta Caves, but all we saw was a scene of dismay. The water was heavily polluted. There were wrappers, bags and cans floating on the water. We saw garbage all over the place. Even after seeing trash collecting close to the cultural heritage of India, people turned a blind eye to it. They still littered the place as if nothing was wrong. My eyes couldn't meet my cousins'.

Men cannot play the role of Gods, but as a superior species, we must play our role in the conservation of air, soil and water. It is really necessary to value, care and love the environment. Man needs a new vision of progress. Mahatma Gandhi said, "God forbid that India should ever take to industrialisation after the manner of the West…If an entire nation of 300 million people took to similar economic exploitation, it would strip the world bare like locusts." Let sanity prevail. After all, the Earth is not just a planet. It is our home. The choice is ours - yours and mine.