Save the Environment


By Shreyashi DasGupta


In our daily life, we come across many opportunities to protect our surroundings. But how many of us stop to think and act on them? To quote anthropologist Margaret Mead, "We won't have a society if we destroy the environment." Saving the environment is truly about every individual taking the first step.

Ramesh Iyer, resident of Mira Road says, "The environment is very unpredictable today and we should stop indiscriminate use of it." Deeply inspired by Al Gore's movie, 'An Inconvenient Truth', he has taken an initiative and started a rainwater harvesting project in his cooperative society. He has changed all his building lights to CFL bulbs so they consume less electricity. So, how difficult is it to take such steps? "It's actually simple!," says Ramesh adding, "One should have the will to help the environment." His son Apoorva Iyer has also joined his movement as he switches off the fan when he is using his laptop so that it would balance out the consumption. Currently, Ramesh is also planning to install a solar water heater which would replace the geysers in his house, which otherwise consume more electricity.

Eight-year-old Sanjana Pinto, a Kandivili resident makes sure that she has switched off all electrical appliances when not in use. Francin Pinto, member of an NGO called Garbage Concern says, "We work with residents of many apartments where individuals have shown an interest in waste segregation. Each flat has separate bins for wet and dry garbage. The segregated waste could be used to generate cooking fuel." Francin adds, "Getting children to participate in in-house gardening teaches them the importance of recycling." Miraaj Housing Society in Malad has adopted this method.


Things You Could Do To Protect the Environment (by Ramesh Iyer)

- Segregate waste at home. Once you start separating your garbage, you may find some materials which can be recycled.

- Use appliances only when necessary. This includes mixers, ovens and airconditioners.

- Build a strong passion to save your planet and propagate this idea among your loved ones.