RobinAge's Societree - Saving Trees, Saving Lives


Fact: To make up for all the trees we’ve cut, we need to plant 2 saplings for each person on Earth every year!

Each year the summers get hotter, the rains get scantier, the lakes barely manage to meet the demands of cities and yet, only a handful of people raise a voice of concern. In the name of development and growth, our factories are spewing out gases and wastes that are damaging nature and human lives.

The rate of patients succumbing to lung diseases is going up by the day. The roads are being dug up and new ones constructed in order to shrink distances. But in order to gain that one extra lane, trees are hacked again! We are damaging the one thing that is helping us breathe!

Yes, we do need progress and we do need to tread the path of industrialisation, but we also need to manage our natural resources better. And the best way to do this is to keep the oxygen cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and water cycle in tandem. There’s only one way to do this—plant more trees.

Trees give us oxygen—they absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out, convert it into oxygen through photosynthesis and put it back into the air. Trees also absorb the carbon that is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burnt. Trees are a crucial part of the water cycle too.

The soil absorbs rainwater and the roots of trees absorb this water to support plant functions that finally lead to transpiration—when water is returned to the atmosphere as vapour to continue the water cycle. When we cut trees, we are reducing the vapour that’s being put back into the atmosphere. In the long run, this reduces the clouds that are formed from water vapour, thereby reducing rain.

RobinAge was founded on the motto of Care.Share.Dare and with your help we would like to initiate SOCIETREE, a tree planting initiative. In light of the fact that India’s cities rank amongst the world’s most polluted, this community drive calls for each one of you to plant one tree in your society this monsoon.

This is an initiative that can be taken up by each one of you, no matter what your age. All you need to do is take the right permissions from your society office, invest in a plant sapling and plant yourself a green lung. Do it this monsoon and every monsoon thereafter as the rainy season is the best time to ensure your sapling builds a strong root system. 

Don’t forget to send us your picture with the freshly planted sapling and the name of your society to and we will publish it in RobinAge.

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