How to Reuse and Recycle Plastic Bottles


Plastic is regarded as a nuisance in our environment. What do you do with empty mineral water bottles? Instead of dumping them, we show you creative ways of using the bottles:

Glitter bottle: Take a small empty plastic bottle. Fill it half with oil and half with water and add food colouring and some glitter and put the lid back on. You can use it as a great toy.

Yarn holder: Cut off the base of an empty plastic bottle and clean it properly. Stuff your yarn in it and pull a strand through the mouth of the bottle. Tape the base back onto the bottle. This makes it easy to hold yarn while knitting and the holder will also keep yarn from getting tangled.

Plant waterer: Remove the cap and cut the bottom of a plastic bottle. Invert the bottle and fix the mouth into soil in a pot. Fill this inverted bottle with water and allow your plants to be gradually watered.

Funnel: Cut off the base of a plastic bottle, invert it and use it as a funnel in the kitchen or wherever you want.

Toilet tank trick: Fill a bottle or two with water and place them in your toilet flush tank. By doing this you will displace enough water to save half a gallon to a gallon of water with every flush.

Spray pump: Empty bottles can be fitted with spray pumps and be used for different purposes.

Flower vase: Decorate an empty plastic bottle with paint, glitter and beads to make a funky flower holder and place it anywhere in your house.

Attractive decorations: To make decorations, take a clear bottle and draw various decorative shapes like butterflies, stars, hearts, bells and more and cut them out. Paint and decorate these shapes with glitter. You can store this ecofriendly decoration and use it during any festival.