Water Pollution


Sewage: Our rivers and oceans are treated as sewers. We release sewage into our water bodies directly, without treatment. In India, the main source of river pollution is city sewage. In large metropolises like New Delhi, 3.6 billion tonnes of sewage are dumped into rivers daily.

Domestic Waste-water: We pollute our water bodies when we do laundry, wash our hands, brush our teeth, bathe or do anything that uses water. Domestic wastes like detergent, bleach, hair dye and mouthwash all go down the drain into our water sources.

Industries: Industrial manufacturing and waste disposal systems cause contamination of water sources. Ever day, 10,000 million litres of pollutants enter our river systems from industrial units alone.

Oil spills: Oil spills, like the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill along the coast of Alaska, cause major long-term water pollution and problems for local wildlife, fishermen and coastal communities. The issue of oil pollution goes far beyond oil spills. Each year, road runoff and other non-spill sources send about 21 million barrels of oil to the oceans, which is five times more than the Valdez spill.