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Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying non man-carrying aircrafts. The aircraft can be a scale model of a full size aircraft or a design specifically created for hobby fliers. Model aircrafts can be un-powered and uncontrolled, free-flight gliders or multi-engine radio controlled aircrafts. Various places in Mumbai conduct aeromodelling classes during the holidays. Verma group from Virar is one such place to get in touch with. You can call them on 09822395039.

  • Static models
  • Power models
  • Radio controlled models
  • Jetex models

Four different types of miniature engines are used in aeromodels, you can choose from spark ignition, diesel, glow plug and jet. While building your aeromodel, you can also use different kinds of materials like:
  • Wood: balsa, spruce, birch and plywoon
  • Fabric and tissue: used to cover the model aircraft after construction
  • Adhesives: used for joining various parts of model aircrafts
  • Rubber bands: used for keeping various parts attached in their respective positions
  • Wire: used for under-carriages of aeromodels
  • Dope: used for air proofing of surfaces, tightening the surface skin by the plasticising effect and making the model strong and hardy

Screw driver, hand drill, sandpaper file, pliers, knives with different blades, small saw, coping saw, pins and sandpaper, soldering iron and small block plane.

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