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Indoor gardening is a good hobby if you like hands-on work. It can be extremely relaxing and what's more, it
creates a better environment for your home. To get started, try growing a few herbs at home. Apart from being used in cooking, certain herbs can also help clean the air in your home. These herbs are also very easy to grow - all you need is old plastic bottles, seeds, soil and regular watering. Start your indoor garden by growing these herbs:

Lavender: Lavender acts as an insect repellent. Its aroma also helps relax the lungs and gives you a good night's sleep. While planting lavender, make sure that the soil is a little sandy and not too rich.

Mint: Mint grows very easily. You can cut a branch and leave it in a glass of water for one week. Once it grows roots, you can plant it anywhere. Tea made using mint leaves is ideal for wintertime.

Rosemary: Rosemary is used in herbal teas and cooking. It acts as an air purifier and works very well during humid weather.

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