Union Territories of India: Chandigarh


Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas in northwestern India. It was declared a union territory in 1966.

Loosely translated, the name Chandigarh means 'the fort of Chandi'. The name Chandigarh was coined from an ancient temple near the city called Chandi Mandir, devoted to Goddess Chandika, the goddess of power.

Capital: Chandigarh

Area and Borders: 
This union territory covers an area of 114 square kilometres and is bordered by Punjab and Haryana.

Hindi, Punjabi and English are the main languages spoken.

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Chandigarh has a sub-tropical continental monsoon climate characterised by hot summers, cool winters and unreliable rainfall. During the winter, frost may occur between December and January.

The average annual rainfall is 1,048mms. It also receives occasional winter rains.Agriculture: Out of 1,300 hectares of cultivated land, 1,285 hectares are irrigated. The main sources of irrigation are deep-bore tube wells. The farmers keep a large number of cattle and have taken to hay cultivation to cater to the demands of cattle. The main food grain is wheat. Chandigarh depends on outside help for the supply of fruits and vegetables.

The economy of this union territory is centred on small scale-industries. The union territory is home to manufacturing units for paper, basic metals and alloys, machinery, food products, sanitary ware, auto parts, pharmaceuticals and electrical appliances.



Arts And Crafts:
Chandigarh is known for its pottery.

Traditional Clothing: 
For celebrations and ceremonies, the traditional male attire is the sherwani, which consists of a knee-length shirt with body-hugging churidar trousers. Sherwanis can either be plain or embellished with designs and embroidery. The women wear the lehenga-choli or ghagra-choli. They also accessorise their clothes with kundan and gold jewellery.

Punjabi food forms a major part of the cuisine. The staple diet consists of wheat-based rotis, paranthas and naans. People prefer wheat items to rice. The main feature of Punjabi food is the extensive use of butter, cream, ghee and cheese. Meals usually consist of pulses cooked on a slow flame with the traditional Punjabi tadka. Some of the popular dishes are makke di roti, sarson da saag, shahi paneer, sheer korma and chhole.

The Chandigarh Craft Mela is an annual event that showcases the best handloom and handicraft traditions of the country.The Chandigarh Festival of Gardens is one of the most popular festivals of the union territory. This three-day festival is held in the last week of February and was formerly known as the Rose Festival.Teej is an important festival in Chandigarh and is celebrated in the month of August.

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