Union Territories of India: Daman and Diu


Daman is located near Gujarat while Diu is an island off the Kathiawar Peninsula. Daman and Diu was declared a union territory on May 30, 1987.

Capital: Moti Daman

Area and Borders:
The union territory covers an area of 112 square kilometres and Gujarat is its only neighbour.

Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi are the main languages. The use of Portuguese goes on declining because it is neither the official language, nor is it taught in schools. However, a number of older people still continue to speak it.

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The climate of Daman and Diu is normally pleasant throughout the year. Temperatures vary from 11 to 40 degree Celsius.

The average annual rainfall is 1,700mms.

The important crops are paddy, ragi, groundnut, pulses, beans, wheat, banana, sapota and mango. The net sown area is about 3,727 hectares, which forms about 67% of the geographical area.

The economy of Daman and Diu is largely agro-based but a few mineral- and saltbased industries are also found here. Fishing, tourism and distilleries are the other industries that flourish here. This union territory has close to 600 small-scale industries. Most of them are located in Somnath, Dabhel, Bhimpore and Kadaiya. Daman is also a site for shipbuilding activities.



Arts and Crafts:
Exotic mat-weaving techniques are among the speciality crafts of this union territory. Small-scale industries use shells of different kinds of tortoises to create jewellery and household items. Crafts created out of ivory are also commonly found in this union territory.

Traditional Clothing: 
Women from different communities wear silver bangles. They wear a nath in their nose and kadas on their arms. The men wear pyjamas, shirts made of cotton and caps. Women wear blouses called kapads, ghaghras and odhanis. Men usually wear ornaments called anguthis (rings) and modaliyas (chains). They also wear butis, which are a type of earring. Tribal men wear dhotis, half shirts and caps while women wear saris.

Daman is known for papri, which are boiled, sweet and salty peas. Crab and lobster delicacies are available in October. In Diu, seafood is very popular.

The Gangaji Fair is held annually in Daman. A large number of people from both Daman and Diu accumulate at the Somnath Mahadev Temple here to take a bath in the tank and worship Lord Shiva.

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