Hotels with a Difference


RobinAge gives you an insight of the most unique hotels across the globe. 



Believe it or not, this hotel is made from ice! It is built in a small village 200kms inside the Arctic Circle. This temporary hotel is made up entirely of snow and sculpted blocks of ice and needs to be reconstructed every year. The hotel borrows its ice from the frozen Torne River and stores tons of ice and snow to create a bar, glasses and cutlery out of ice!



Have you ever been curious as to what it would be like to live in a drainpipe? Opened in 2006, Daspark Hotel was designed by Austrian architect Andreas Strauss. This unique hotel has renovated sewage pipes that are transformed into hotel rooms by simply giving them a back wall and a large front door. The drainpipes have a double bed, a table and a lamp too. It is known as one of the weirdest hotels in the world!


Cappadocia Hotel is a building literally carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff. It offers cave houses, just like the Flintstones had, and a 19th Century Greek mansion complete with 30 rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th Centuries. These extraordinary cave houses are renovated and decorated in their own distinct style. A maze of narrow passageways and curved stone stairways lead to other unique rooms decorated in a warm Ottoman style.


Imagine a hotel built on Amazonian tree tops! Araiu Towers is a magical hotel built on treetops in the Amazon jungle. The hotel has 288 units split amongst apartments, suites and tree houses. The tallest of the units, the Tarzan House, is built on top of a living mahogany tree, at the height of 80ft from the ground. The towers of this hotel are interlinked by a wooden skywalk system of approximately 7.5kms within the canopy of the rain forest. Surrounded by the green, tropical landscape of the rainforest and native wildlife, one can also view the Amazon River from the hotel.



This hotel is built into the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. It features natural rock walls and ceilings as well as jacuzzi bathtubs and large windows to let in light. It was built as a cold war bomb shelter by John Hay with the philosophy that the ongoing preservation of natural beauty is supreme. The Beckham Creek Cave Haven was built by closing the cave portal with a massive rock wall. It took four years to complete this cave.


Capsules are a unique style of accommodation in Japan, inspired by the hunt for efficiency of space and comfort. The Capsule Inn is composed of two major sections - a lounge space including bathing facilities and a private space where the sleeping rooms are arranged. In this hotel, each guest stays in a 3ft by 4ft by 6ft capsule. This unit is made of unbreakable plastic and equipped with amenities like a TV, radio, alarm clock and adjustable lighting.


Would you rather sleep in a circus room or in a bed atop a castle? These are among the many options available at the Propeller Island City Lodge, where each of the 31 rooms possesses a different theme. From the orange room to the symbol room–tiled entirely with wooden blocks painted with 300 different symbols– this hotel is extraordinary. The rooms are designed and constructed in styles varying from the tame to the extreme. The themes include coffins, shapes, sceneries, nature and the upside-down room!



Have you heard of a hotel that hits the road? The Exploranter Overland Hotel is a hotel on wheels which travels in a 25 ton truck. It is located in San Paulo but does not remain in one place. It travels from one place to another. This hotel is fully equipped with an industrial kitchen, a lounge and sleeping quarters. The hotel allows 24 visitors at a time.



Poseidon Resort is the world's first sea-floor luxury resort. It is situated in one of the most scenic areas of the world, just off the coast of Fiji. Built 40ft underwater, it has a brilliant view of the creatures of the sea. The resort was partially designed using structural techniques that are used for submarines. The resort is close to caves, allowing guests to explore the caves.



This hotel is a two-storey doghouse shaped like a beagle. Dog Bark Park is home to Toby and Sweet Willy, the worldʼs biggest beagles. Toby, a 12-ft tall beagle statue, was built by Dog Bark Park artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. Sweet Willy, officially known as Dog Bark Park Inn, is 30ft tall, 34ft long and 14ft wide. There are many levels in the Dog Bark Park. The level inside the head of the dog is a loft room with additional sleeping space. The material used for the ears is carpet attached at the roofline allowing the ears to move in the wind, which makes it more attractive. An extensive underground concrete foundation supports the structure.