Staying Stress-free During Exams


Some people think that stress affects people only after they hit a certain age. Until that point, it is assumed that life is always fun and easy. But when you’ve got a huge exam to study for or are worried about things like the fight you had with your mother or father or thinking of college applications, it can all add up to stress. One specific type of stress that almost every student faces is exam stress. Havovi Bhagwagar tells you how to deal with it. 

To deal with a difficult situation, you need to first accept that you are in one. Are you stressed? Read through these symptoms to know more:

Do you have any of these issues?
How to get through exams with less stress:

Writing the Exam Sensibly
Studying Strategies
The way we deal with stress determines to a great extent the kind of lives we lead. Stressful situations can shatter us or make us stronger. Feeling helpless in the face of stress is the real enemy, not the stress itself. Keep a realistic estimate of the stress and soon you will feel empowered instead of helpless!

Hvovi Bhagwagar is a Clinical Psychologist with her office MANASHNI at Powai, Mumbai. She works with adults, children and teens diagnosed with mental health issues. She writes to spread awareness about mental health through her articles and blog at

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