The Life and Work of Uncle Pai


Anant Pai, popularly known as Uncle Pai, was one of the best storytellers, writers and educationists India has ever had. He was the creator of several comic books, particularly the Amar Chitra Katha series, which showcases a variety of traditional Indian folktales. Despite having so many comic books to his credit, Anant Pai is most remembered for 'Tinkle'. Some of Tinkle's characters have their very own following. Let's take a look at some of these famous creations.



Suppandi is a village simpleton. He is one of the most popular characters in Tinkle comics. He is a well meaning servant who always misunderstands the commands of his masters, which leads to many humorous accidents. He is a little hard of hearing, but that is what makes him even more adorable.



Kapish is the clever and helpful monkey who lives in the jungle of Kadu along with his friends Baboocha the bear, Bundila the elephant and many more. Sigal the jackal and Peelu the tiger are his enemies and they are always looking for ways to trouble Kapish. Kapish has supernatural powers, which help him extend and shrink his tail anytime he wants. This power, combined with Kapish's presence of mind, saves his friends and forest very often.



Kalia is, by far, one of the most adorable characters from Tinkle. He is an intelligent crow who saves his two rabbit friends, Keechu and Meechu, from Doob-Doob the crocodile and Chamataka the fox.



Tantri is the scheming minister of Raja Hooja. Tantri wants to get rid of Raja Hooja so that he can become the king and tries every possible trick to do so. Tantri is always plotting wicked plans that eventually backfire. The highlight of this series is that the king always escapes and he thinks his escape has been facilitated by Tantri. The stories also include tales of Tantri and Raja Hooja's enemies, Jantri and Dooja.



Shambu is a shikari or hunter who the world believes is a courageous and powerful person. But in reality, he is a meek, easygoing and lazy man. He would prefer to laze around in his house all day and run away from any signs of trouble. But the villagers and his wife believe he is fearless and persuade him to take up dangerous tasks. He always manages to survive and accomplish these tasks by some stroke of luck.



Ramu and Shamu are two innocent identical twins that go through various ups and downs as they experiment and play.



Pyarelal is a kind-hearted man who lives with his wife Lajwanti or Lajjo and his stories tell the tales of his adventurous life.



Ajay is the youngest and the smartest detective in town. He is called on to investigate every mysterious event that happens in the city. He takes help from Inspector Sharma to crack his cases and nab the culprits.



Amar is a nice but clumsy boy who tries to help others when they are in trouble. His friends Eric and Kiren call him Butterfingers because he is very clumsy. In every adventure, his clumsiness leads him to a solution to the problem at hand.



Rahul and Ravi call themselves detectives and try their best to solve various mysteries. They have code names to hide their identities and call themselves Agent Gadget Guru (Rahul)and Agent Gizmo Freak (Ravi). Ravi has a sister called Samita, better known as Sam, who solves cases before the Defective Detectives can sink theirteeth into them.



Janoo is a courageous witch who lives with her friend Wooly, a cowardly dragon who can breathe out flames from his nostrils. They live in Jadu and are friends with rulers like King Arctic Snow and Empress Deer. Janoo and her friends tackle everyday menaces with the help of a magic stick called Hexa.



The Dumbbells, Natoo, Datoo and Motu, are friends who live a simple yet adventurous life. Damodar is their enemy who always tries to trouble them. Fortunately, the Dumbbells always manage to win against Damodar.



Mopes, a Doberman, and Purr, a stray cat, are a detective duo that tries to helpthose in trouble without revealing their identities.



Nasruddin is a man with a large, witty brain that he uses to outsmart people.



Zim Zim is a helpful demon who saves the world from his enemy Gotala, an evil magician.