28,000-year-old Cave Lion Cub Found


A cave lion cub that was found frozen deep inside the Siberian Arctic has now been carbon dated and found to be 28,000 years old. The study also revealed that though the cub’s golden fur was coated with mud, it was not damaged, and its teeth, skin, organs and soft tissue were all intact. This is the best-preserved Ice Age animal ever found and it has been nicknamed Sparta. Sparta is one of the two cubs found in 2017 and 2018; the second cub is Boris and was a lot more damaged. Initially, it was thought that the two cubs were siblings as they were found 15mts apart. However, radiocarbon dating has revealed that the cubs, which were between one and two months old, were born 15,000 years apart! This means Boris is over 43,000 years old!

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