RobinAge: News - An Extinct Species Re-discovered

An Extinct Species Re-discovered


Researchers from the group, Global Wildlife Conservation, discovered a small group of silver-backed chevrotains, tiny mouse-like deer, in southern Vietnam. This tiny deer species was believed to be extinct, however, the animals were caught looking for food on 29 camera traps installed by researchers in a lowland forest in southern Vietnam. This is the first time in 30 years that the silver-backed chevrotain has been sighted. Researchers have managed to capture 1,881 photographs of these creatures in different settings. The rediscovery of this species is encouraging conservationists to protect them from snares and animal traps used by hunters. Silver-backed chevrotains are also known as mouse deer, as these animals are rabbit-sized. The front portion of their body is reddish brown in colour and the other half is silver-grey. They lack antlers or horns but have sharp fangs or incisors. This deer species does not fall into the category of mice or deer. They are the world’s smallest ungulates and belong to a family of hoofed animals that includes rhinoceroses, goats and antelopes.

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