Children Speak: India's Republic Day


We all know the importance of Republic Day but with changing times, does the day still hold the same values in young minds? Melissa Fernandes finds out

Rahul Zaveri, Class 7, St Joseph High School  
"This day is not just a holiday. It is the day when our constitution came into force. On this day my friends and I distribute flags in our colony to spread the message of peace and unity."


Vedanshi Shah, Class 6, Nss Hill Spring International School
"This day is very important to me and the nation. India became a Republic and Mahatma Gandhi's dream of free India came true. This day is special in itself and celebrated all around the country."


Shamit Ashar, Class 8, Dr S Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya
"Republic Day has great importance in our country as our freedom fighters fought and sacrificed their lives to free India of British rule. We celebrate their effort and determination to free India on this day. I feel proud of my country and hoist the flag with gratification on this day."


Aaron Rodrigues, Class 7, St John The Evangelist High School
"Our country was ruled by the British for a long time. Republic Day marks the change of India from a British-dominated country to a republic. The constitution was also formed on this day due to which we have discipline, which makes our country more structured."


Richmond Rocha, Class 7, St Joseph High School
"Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Jawaharlal Nehru fought to free our country. After receiving independence we had to form a constitution which could run our country. The constitution was formed on January 26 and so it is considered as a very important day for our country."


Jubin Varghese, Class 5, Fatima High School
"Republic Day holds value for me as it is one of the important days celebrated in India. On this day our constitution came into force which brought order in our country. India got the title of a Republic from this day onwards and so it is very important."


Pranati Rao, Class 10, St Lawrence School
"Republic Day has always been important because of the way it's been portrayed in our textbooks, nonfiction books, patriotic films and so on."


Tanvi Dongaonkar, Class 8, Sboa Public School
"January 26 is the day on which our constitution was formed. This day makes me feel empowered as a disciplined citizen. We became democratic in the true sense due to the formation of the constitution."


Amrita Bains, Class 5, J B Vachha School
"Republic Day marks the adoption of the constitution. After years of struggle, India became independent and thus the constitution was made to allot rules and regulations to the country for it to run smoothly. It definitely holds value to me and my country."


Pranjal Aldankar, Class 8, St Xavier's High School
"On this day we celebrate unity among our diversity. It makes me proud to see celebratory events in schools, institutions and on television."


Yash More, 12 Years, Akanksha Foundation
"Republic Day is when we sing the National Anthem, hoist and salute the flag and prove our respect to the country. I like to watch the Republic Day celebration as it reminds me of the importance of this day. I make flags in my school and also at home and distribute them to everyone so as to remind them that this day is not just another holiday. Many times I have seen people throw the flags or stamp them after waving them for a while. I make an attempt to tell everyone that flags should not be misused."


Damini Kudekar, 12 Years, Akanksha Foundation
"I consider January 26 as one of the most important days as it is the day when our constitution came into force. India became a sovereign republic which we are proud of. On this day I give a speech in my school and hoist the flag. It brings me pride and honour for my country as I sing the National Anthem."


Nafisa Mohammad Sheikh, 14 Years, Akanksha Foundation
"We celebrate Republic Day at home by making flags and decorate our house with them. It is an important day and is also celebrated in my school where we hoist the flag and sing the National Anthem. I also offer special prayers for freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and pray that India has a bright future."


Shabana Khalil, 11 Years, Akanksha Foundation
"I start my day by singing the National Anthem in school. After watching the programmes organised in my school, I feel inspired by the work done by our freedom fighters. It is exciting to see everyone in my locality celebrate. I also dedicate some prayers to freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi."

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