Cows Get a Better Home


An architecture firm in Canada has created a large eco-friendly barn using materials commonly found on farms to provide cows and human beings working at an organic cheese farm in Montérégie, Québec better living and working conditions. The architecture studio, La Shed Architecture, has used two-layered polycarbonate sheeting for the exterior, which blends into the landscape. The building framework on the organic cheese farm, Au Gre des Champs, has been made with spruce, and the walls have been made with hemlock planks. 

The two-layered exterior wall is translucent because natural light is said to enhance productivity and milk production. During the day, a lot of natural light enters the barn. At night, the artificial light inside the barn filters through the translucent walls, making the barn look like a large lantern set amidst the greenery. The windows also have large shutters that help with ventilation in the summer. During colder weather, the cows’ body temperature keeps the barn warm.

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