Cuttlefish Have Human-like 3D Vision


In an experiment carried out by a team of scientists, a cuttlefish was fastened with 3D glasses to test its vision. Like octopuses and squids, cuttlefish belong to the cephalopod family. As octopuses and squids cannot see in 3D, cuttlefish were tested since they belong to the same family. In the study, a silhouette of a shrimp was projected on the screen. The cuttlefish immediately stretched its tentacles and attacked the projected image. When the cuttlefish was given the addon 3D glasses, the cuttlefish set itself back by a few steps before shooting its tentacles at the shrimp. This proved that cuttlefish have human-like 3D vision. The study was carried out on 11 different European cuttlefish to confirm similar results.

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