Children Speak: Different Ways of Celebrating Diwali


Hasan Ali Shaikh, 10 years, Akanksha Foundation
"Diwali is a festival of joy. We enjoy the season as it has plenty of holidays. I think every child eagerly waits for Diwali to burst crackers. I love this festival as it gives me a chance to hang out with my friends and play all day. Last Diwali we made colourful diyas and kandils at Akanksha. We had memorable moments with our friends and helped everybody decorate diyas with mirrors and other embellishments. I also burst crackers and ate homemade sweets. I went to the mosque to pray for my near and dear ones. This Diwali, I have made plans to visit my uncle."

Savita Waghmare, 12 years, Sanjivani Home, VOICE
"Diwali is the festival of light. I look forward to this day because it gives me a chance to make colourful diyas and put them for sale. Each time someone buys one of my diyas it brightens up my face and puts a smile on it. This Diwali I would want to pray to god to brighten my life like the diyas. Since I stay in Sanjivani Home, I have made plans to visit my family which stays in Dadar. The festive mood keeps us all happy during these five days and thatís what I love the most about this festival."

Pooja Bhise, 11 years, Aseema
"Diwali is the same every year. Itís the day when we wear new clothes and go out with family. At home, my mother makes sweets and we decorate our house with lights. This year I have decided to go to Pune along with the other children from my dance class. I believe this festival brings success, enjoyment and happiness to all our lives."

Amit Hadage, 12 years, Salaam Baalak Trust
"Diwali is a festival of gratification and love. On this occasion everyone comes together and enjoys the festivities together. At Salaam Baalak Trust all of us pray together and are served sweets. I don't want anything special this Diwali, though my prayers would seek blessings for my family and friends."

Sonali Kasbe, 13 years, CRY
"For me, Diwali is all about joy, enthusiasm and great fun. Every Diwali I invite my friends and we have a session where we sing all our favourite songs. It gives us a sense of bonding and belongingness. I wish to buy nice clothes this year since I donít have fancy dresses to wear. I will also make my own lanterns to adorn my house. I want to surprise my mother by embroidering her sari. That will be my gift for her this Diwali. I also want to wish all RobinAge readers a very Happy Diwali."

Ishita Gupta, 14 years, Hiranandani Foundation School
ĒDiwali is a luxurious festival. It's a day that you want to celebrate and enjoy to the fullest. Last year I was in New Delhi with my family and enjoyed my vacation. Going around to new places and exploring the unique celebrations is the best part of this festival. I lit a lot of crackers last Diwali with my friends and relatives. This time I wish to visit Lucknow and enjoy the grand celebration there. I would also love to go to my favourite Italian restaurants and explore some new dishes."

Aditya Sheth, 13 years, Utpal Shanghvi School
"Diwali is all about fire crackers, enjoyment, new clothes and catching up with friends. For me, it's a day to wear new clothes. Last year, I gifted a lot of clothes and accessories to my cousins. I love shopping for this occasion. Given a chance, I would like to go to the United States this Diwali vacation. Diwali is also a time when we can enjoy different delicacies. To break the monotony of sweets and other homemade foods, I have made plans to go out for pizzas and burgers with my friends. Itís the only time when I can enjoy going out and spending quality time with my friends."

Adrija Subramaniam, 14 years, Navy Children's High School
"Diwali is a festival where the house is decked with lights and everyone is busy preparing for this wonderful festival. It is a time of celebration and also a time to buy lots of new things. My shopping list includes decorations for my home, new clothes and gifts for my friends and relatives. This Diwali, I have decided to go to Chennai and try out all my favourite South Indian dishes."

Aastha Singhvi, 12 years, CNMS
"I wait for this festival every year as I can buy goodies for myself. Every Diwali I help my parents decorate our home. Last Diwali, I was in Rajasthan and I was really amazed to see their traditional way of celebrating Diwali. I loved the colours all around me. I dream of going to other parts of the country to see such lovely celebrations. But this Diwali, my grandparents are coming to Mumbai and I am all set to prepare my checklist of all the places I want to take them. I would also like to wish everybody a very Happy Diwali."

Soham Lakhi, 8 years, Cathedral and John Connon School
"This day is special and eagerly awaited. Diwali to me means bursting fire crackers. Every year, I get big boxes and bags full of crackers as Diwali gifts which last throughout the year. This Diwali I wish to go to Dubai as my cousin stays there and indulge in shopping for clothes. I would love to buy the new PSP as my Diwali gift this time. A complete Diwali to me includes crackers, good clothes and spending time with my family over nice meals."